Wordgenuity® Word Squares

This game keeps the mind sharp while challenging you to solve all the word squares.

A word square consists of a set of words written out in a square grid, such that the same words can be read both horizontally and vertically (left to right and top to bottom).  For example:   


This game starts off with simpler 3x3 word squares and works you up to the insanely difficult 6x6 word squares.  Are you up to the challenge?  Can you solve all of the word squares?

The easier puzzles contain red tiles which are unmovable but already in their correct locations.  

Green lines indicate the letters it intersects form a valid word.  No guessing if the word you arranged is valid or not. If there is a green line then the word is considered valid.  

You are provided some hints to start with.  A hint will move one letter in the puzzle to its correct position in the puzzle.  You may be surprised as to how difficult a puzzle looks at first glance but becomes easy to solve by simply using one or two hints.

There is no timer, penalties or even score.  Your goal is simply to solve all the word squares.  
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You are given 30 unique word squares of varying size to solve along with 50 hints. Additional hints and puzzles are available via in-app purchase including 10 crazy DOUBLE word squares (different words in each row and column).                          
TIPS: Keep the following in mind when working with word squares:

1) The same word will be used in the corresponding row and column.  For example:


In the example above the word that makes up the first row and first column is LOT.  The word that makes up the second row and second column is OUR and the word that makes up the final row and column is TRY.  A 3x3 word square is only made up of 3 unique words.

2) Single instance letters in a word square will located somewhere on the (top-left to bottom-right) diagonal.

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