Wordgenuity® Word Hunt

Wordgenuity® Word Hunt - A word creation puzzle game that gradually becomes more difficult as objectives become more challenging.

A puzzle starts with a grid of 45 individual letter tiles.  Select letter tiles to create words to meet puzzle objectives.
 The longer the word the more points

There are potentially multiple objectives for each puzzle such as one or more of the following:

1) Clear the game board (use all letters)
2) Obtain a specified score
3) Create a number of words (with a minimum length)
4) Create a specified number of words that start with a specific letter (ex: create 10 words that start with 'W')
5) Create a specified group of words (ex: create a 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 letter word)

Puzzles must be solved either:

1) Before time runs out 
2) Before the allotted number of moves run out*

*Note: A move is adding or removing a word to/from the list of words (more below).

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When a word is created it is added to a list.  At any time the player may tap any word in the list to remove it from the list and put its letters back into play.

Why would a player wish to do this?  There are a few  reasons, for example:

1) A player could put one or more words back into play to use those letters to create a longer (word valuable)  word.

2) A player needs to create a certain number of words and there are not enough letters on the board. A large  word's letters could be put back into play in an attempt to create more words.

3) A player could be tasked with clearing the board and towards the end can not create any words with the letters remaining.  One or more word's letters can be put back into play in an attempt to create different words and clear the board.

As the game progresses 'blockers' and 'power-ups' are added to make the puzzles even more fun and challenging.

These appear in the form of rectangles that slide around the game board and cover different letters on the board.

Blockers cover a letter and prevent that letter from being used until a word is created (using the other letters on the board).

Power-ups come in the form of additional time, moves or points.  They increase in value everytime a word is created.  They can cover letters available to be played and letters that have already been played (meaning you  can not use them).  Power-ups can only be used once per  puzzle.  The trick is to balance leaving the power-up  to increase in value and using it before it gets out of reach.  

The full game has 100 puzzles that increase in difficulty.

After solving each puzzle you are awarded 1, 2 or 3 stars based on your score.

Have fun while trying to get all 300 stars!!!

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