Wordgenuity® Letter Go

Wordgenuity® Letter Go is an exciting word game that requires quick wit with a cool head.

Use the letters on the game board to spell words three to fifteen letters in length.  

Letters are added to the bottom of the game board pushing existing letters upward.  

The goal is to score as many points as possible while preventing any letters from reaching the top of the game board.  If you clear the game board a huge bonus is awarded! 

There are two game modes ... standard and casual.

In standard games the speed of the game increases with each level reached. Every ten words the level increases as does the point values.  There are also green colored bonus letter tiles that will provide help or bonuses but will only show up occasionally.

Casual games are played the same way standard games are with two differences. First the game speed never increases and there are no green bonus letter tiles. You may swipe up on the game background at any time to get a new row of letters to play.In the lite version games are limited to five levels before ending.


Available for Android from 

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