Wordgenuity® Jumble Quotes

Wordgenuity® Jumble Quotes is a word jumble type game.  Several letters are given and the goal is to reveal the famous quote or saying using the letters provided.

To help you with each quote they are organized into groups.  Each puzzle also
provides the source of the quote (ex: who said it or what movie it's from, etc).

Depending on your knowledge of the source you may be able to guess what some of the words are.  For the rest of the words use the letters provided.

Puzzles can be solved in any order.  If you get stuck use a hint.  Each hint will reveal the next letter in each of the unrevealed words.  If you are still stuck use more hints.  Hints are accumulated by solving puzzles without using a hint (free version).

There are famous quotes from different groups such as television, movies and U.S. Presidents.  The lite version contains 100 puzzles to solve.  You are given 20 hints to get you started.  The full versions has 300 puzzles to solve and unlimited hints.


Available for Android from 

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