Splitsum is a single-player puzzle game in which the objective is to split and add numbered tiles together on a grid to create the four target numbers.

How to play:

When starting a puzzle four 'target' number tiles are displayed at the top.  Below the target numbers is a grid containing several other numbered tiles.  Split and add together these numbered tiles in an effort to create the four target numbers.

To split a number tile tap it twice.  Two new tiles will be created each showing half the value of the number tile you split.  You may split even numbers greater than two.  

Add two number tiles together by tapping the two number tiles you wish to add together.  A new tile will be created showing the sum of those two numbers.

A game consists of ten puzzles of increasing difficulty.  Solve ten puzzles using the fewest number of moves possible.

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If you get stuck on a puzzle you have two options.  You may reset the puzzle to its initial state or get a new puzzle with the same difficulty level. 

If you wish to you may submit your best scores to the leader boards.  The leader board tracksplayers with the best scores on a daily, weekly and all-time basis.

There are no time limits. With hundreds of puzzles to play kick back, relax and enjoy!

• Simple game play yet challenging and fun
• Relaxing play (no timers or penalties for incorrect answers)
• (Optional) Send your high scores to a leader board and see how you compare with top players
• Fun to play with the entire family
• Completely free, no in-app purchases
• No unnecessary permissions (permissions are only for ads and saving game state)

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